Why is effective Marketing
the key to B2B success ?

How executives leverage
customer centricity for long-term success.

We asked 47 decision-makers from eleven European countries on their view on customer centricity and
how they operationalized, implemented and live customer centricity in their company.

  • Increase product market fit, solving real customer problems

  • Build an outstanding value proposition with differentiating messaging

  • Create effective marketing programs to engage with impact

Where are you today ?

Marketing fundamentals :

Do you understand your customer needs, have the right personas, offer package, business value messaging and initiatives for marketing and sales?

Marketing program effectiveness :

Is your current marketing program effective ? Do you find it hard to understand your ROI & how marketing drives revenue?

Marketing leadership :

With no acting CMO, is your current marketing led by your CEO, Founder, President or Head of Sales ?

Do you need to reset ?

  • You’re struggling to set up the marketing basics and don’t know how and where to start?
  • You think you need to drive more strategic marketing rather than sporadic activities?
  • You need the role of a CMO, but maybe not in a full time capacity ?
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