10 Principles of Modern Marketing

To be successful in the digital era, marketers should adopt the best new modern practices as well as rethink and refine classic approaches.


Building more agility in your operating model is the future of modern marketing

The value and flexibility of external experts, getting projects done fast with quality and cost effectiveness is huge. Talent as a Service is the way to go.

When agile marketing breaks the agency model | McKinsey

Innovation are more than ever required

As Z. Baumann was saying « change is the only permanent thing and uncertainty is the only certainty”. But successful Innovations are based on a few key parameters : the intersection of an unmeet customer need, new technologies and a monetizeable business model.

innovation-the-launchpad-out-of-the-crisis.pdf (mckinsey.com)

The modern marketing disconnect: The key data challenges facing marketers

There is a disconnect between marketers and data analysts when it comes to data. Whilst this may not be a cause for concern in the day-to-day marketing functions, at the C-suite level it is extremely worrying.

The modern marketing disconnect: The key data challenges facing marketers (marketingweek.com)

Learn why agile is becoming the new foundation for marketing going forward

The proposed agile marketing values say much about where the industry is headed. They outlined where top professionals in the field see agile methodologies shaping how consumers and brands interact.

How agile is transforming modern marketing (martech.org)